Released 2016
Format CD
Price 16.00 $


José Paulo: "This CD is my baby; I gave it birth with many people helping to make it come alive. Now one of my dreams has come true.  My first CD was beautiful, very well arranged and well organized.  The style was Bossa Nova which required a softer and quieter voice with calmer songs.  But my family, friends and fans thought it was not me. I took their feedback and decided to create my second CD to show them my full range of voice and different styles of music that I like. That is why the CD is called "This is me". This CD consists of compositions created by me throughout the years. I hope this CD will remind you that life is beautiful, and we always have a chance to be happy. Dream and always believe in the impossible. Have faith, work hard and your objectives will be achieved, it only depends on you.  “This is me” CD will provide all of you with many moments of peace and joy."

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